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Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome Back

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For all of those who were keenly following this blog, you would have noticed a sudden decrease in blogging activity. The reason : mind-numbing ,brain-murdering exams which by the way,unfortunately, have just begun . So blogging activity will be an all time low for another 3 months .

But lets look on the brighter side of things. Its a new year !!! so my best wishes to all my readers and followers, and keep following my blog Formula 1.

And Yes ! A new year brings with it all kinds of resolutions and promises but more importantly brings a new season of Formula 1. Yippee.

Here's what you could expect in the upcoming season :

Be on the lookout for some breathtaking overtaking maneuvers as the Kinetic Energy Recovery System , better known as KERS along with the movable rear wing have been reintroduced and are bound to open up some overtaking opportunities.

Pirelli have replaced Bridgestone as Formula 1's sole tyre supplier. The front tyres manufactures by Pirelli are stronger than those made by Bridgestone and this one , seemingly minor, change might be all it takes for the seven time world championMicheal Schumacher and Ferrari's Felipe Massa to bounce back to their race pace.

Expect some more brilliant driving from the young veteran Sebastien Vettel who is bound to return as a more calm and experienced driver.

But that said Formula 1 is still extremely unpredictable and probably none of that mentioned above might happen. So all we can do is patiently wait for those 5 red lights to go out at the upcoming Sakhir Grand Prix .....