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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Hungarian Grand Prix Preview

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This is the 25th year since the Hungaroring hosted its first Formula 1 Race which was way back in 1986. Bernie Ecclestone, currently the president and CEO of FIM and FIA, wanted a race track in the former USSR but upon the suggestion of a Hungarian friend of his a race track was built just outside the city of Budapest.

The track is notoriously twisty and slow which often makes overtaking a herculean task. Generally an underused circuit becomes faster over the weekend as the track 'rubbers' in , but the Hungaroring , being built on sandy soil often gets extremely filthy and dusty , infact slows down cars . Despite difficult overtaking conditions, this circuit isn't new to exciting races.Hopefully the coming weekend wont be an exception.

The Weather is expected to be rainy , with heavy showers on race day and mild drizzling on qualifying.

Since the surface is not used too much, there could be a lot of graining which is why Bridgestone are bringing Medium and Super-soft tires to the race. Also this track being the second smallest track of the season after Monaco , the track is very demanding on the engines. Engines on an average will be running on full throttle for about 55% of the track.

A responsive engine is especially important exiting turn 14 to get a good run down the main straight heading to turn 1, arguably the only overtaking opportunity around the short lap. Because the majority of corners are slow speed, the engine needs good driveability at high revs and drivers need to be smooth on the throttle to avoid excessive strain on the unit. Cooling is often a problem at Hungary because of the lack of straights and the usual hot climate in Hungary at this time of the year. The engine gets very little in the way of breathing space around the lap, enhancing the risks of overheating over 70 laps.” - Cosworth

Circuit Data :

Number of Laps : 70

Circuit Length : 4.381 km / 2.722 miles

Total Race Distance : 306.63 km / 190.531 miles

Lap Record : 1.19.071 - Micheal Schumacher (2004)

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