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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pirelli Tyre Colour Codes

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Pirelli ,who have replaced Bridgestone as the sole tyre supplier for Formula 1 ,have revealed the colour code to differentiate between their tyres.

Orange   - Wet
Blue       -  Intermediate
Red       -  Super-Soft
Yellow  -  Soft
White    -  Medium
Silver    -  Hard

You definitely cannot read the words on the tyres at 200mph, as they will appear like a coloured blur against a black background. It does seem a little hard to distinguish between the Medium and Hard compounds as silver is  not really different from white....

Although these tyres are a second or more slower than the Bridgestone tyres, they degrade much quicker than the Bridgestones. This has been done deliberately in an attempt to "spice up the show" by boosting overtaking .Also as the number of pitstops will increase it becomes all  the more important for the teams to get their tyre strategy right.

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