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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vettel : Tyre Marbles an alarming concern

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The newly introduced Pirelli tyres have higher rates of degradation and as they are being used chunks of rubber commonly known as marbles, come off the tyre and just fall on the track. Reigning world champion , Sebaistian Vettel and rookie Paul Di Resta have raised this issue.

“Imagine Singapore or Monaco, where a fan could suddenly find a piece of tyre in his tea,” said Sebastian commenting on the fact that spectators sit very close to the track. 

He also added “There was a lump (of tyre) that was suddenly in the middle of my visor. They’re like bullets fired from the car in front.”

Force India's Paul Di Resta also suffered a similar problem at the Malaysian Grand Prix where in he was hit several times during the race.

Pirelli's motosport director Paul Hembry commented - “I have not had those comments from the top three (finishers) but if it’s an issue, we will have to confront it,” 

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